Intelligent plug amplifier with pulse width modula

Monday, May 2, 2016

Intelligent plug amplifier with pulse width modulation and easy installation

HAWE's electronic plug amplifier comes in two versions – with cable and with M12 plug

With the new EV2S-CAN electronic plug amplifier, HAWE Hydraulik SE, Munich, is offering a very practical, flexible electronics component. With 2 analogue inputs and 2 precise, current-controlled PWM outputs, you can control all standard proportional valves reliably and without wasting space. You can also read off the process data from a smartphone using Bluetooth.

The EV2S-CAN electronic amplifier can control all standard proportional solenoids, including directional valves, pressure valves or pump controllers. The amplifier is designed as a plug and can thus easily be slotted onto the solenoid. It is the classic amplifier for all standard input signals from 0…10V DC, 4 … 20 mA, CAN bus and many more. Because of its preset programs for many HAWE products, it is, of course, ideal for use with the manufacturer's product range for both mobile and industrial hydraulics, but can also be used for valves produced by other manufacturers. The two analogue inputs read in both the main control signals and also other process data. This means that it is possible to set the target values and reposition the valve controls in line with the actual temperature, pressure values, position or speed very precisely.

Just four simple settings need to be carried out during set-up operation, using push buttons, a PC or even a smartphone, and the plug amplifier and thus the proportional valve are ready for use. Start-up operation on site is therefore possible without any specialist knowledge and with very little work. The simple copying of settings and programmes from one plug to another is particularly useful for series production.

Using LEDs plus an integrated display or with Bluetooth via a smartphone, the operating status can be monitored or errors reported easily and locally.In addition, the direct connection to the CAN network and data processing in the plug releases the central machine control.

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