About Us

Solutions for a World under Pressure

Fifteen years ago, North America was introduced to HAWE Hydraulik through its American subsidiary, HAWE Hydraulics. Today, many of America's most rugged industries rely on 60 years of HAWE's dependable German engineering and experience to help them build equipment with extremely robust hydraulic systems.

When you see wind turbines, solar panels, construction and fire trucks, tractors, lifting platforms, cranes, and drilling rigs, to name only a few, you could be watching HAWE in action as more and more equipment manufacturers are finding out about the benefits of our hydraulic systems.

Tough as Steel

Because all HAWE pressurized components are made of steel, they are more compact when compared with standard products, which saves space in smaller or more complicated designs. Hydraulic components made of steel also have greater durability in intermediate pressure applications, but are designed to handle pressures up to 6,000 psi. Our components and systems are designed for low leakage and, in some cases, are leak free for a more reliable and efficient use of the energy it takes to operate the machinery.

Flexible Modular Systems

HAWE's broad and varied product line is designed with a modular approach, where components can be combined to create any number of systems and solutions. An essential component of our flexibility is in the development of our own state-of-the-art electronics. These devices increase the number of applications and expand the system‘s capacity as easy as plug-and-play.

At Your Service

HAWE Hydraulics knows the value of the machinery you build. That's why we add value to each purchase through our customer service. Our sales and application engineers are available to assist you with the custom design of your modular hydraulic solution. Once that is decided, we have local inventory to supply your products and we'll provide after-sales support including product training, troubleshooting, and on-site service.