Flow Valves

Flow valves influence the volumetric flow in hydraulic systems. The range includes flow control valves, flow dividers, restrictors and throttle valves.


Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves are a type of flow valve. They generate a set constant volumetric flow, largely independently of the load. Proportional flow control valves are a type of flow valve. They generate a constant volumetric flow independent of the load which can be controlled in an electro-proportional and remote way.

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Flow Dividers

Flow dividers are a type of metering valve. They divide or add together a total volumetric flow either evenly or using a fixed ratio. The consumer pressures have no effect.

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Restrictors are a type of flow valve. They are used as a local flow resistance that suddenly reduces the line cross-section. The reduction in the cross-section is very short. As a result the volumetric flow is only dependent on the pressure difference and not on the viscosity.

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Throttle Valves

Throttle valves are a type of flow valve. They affect the volumetric flow for single and double-acting consumers.

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